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Legal Disclaimer: If you can't use Value Based Copy to earn higher paychecks as a copywriter, check your pulse.

From: Harlan Kilstein, Seven Figure Copywriter

Ever since I threw my hat into the copywriting ring, I moved up the salary scale faster than anyone in history.

I know you've probably heard the expression, but I cracked the code on how to get big money from copywriting gigs.

In fact, people following my suggestions have moved so quickly up the salary scale, that John Carlton in a recent post wondered how this was happening.

The answer is simple.  Ever since I taught Value Based Copy, the secret has gotten out.   And people who know it score big immediately.  Did you read that word correctly - immediately.  Not in six months, not in six weeks,  Right away.

If you've been getting a measly 1-3 Grand for copy, I'll show you how to leap into the 5-10 grand range almost overnight.

Once I taught this technique to Tina Lorenz and she went from the 500-1000 range to $8000 overnight.  (She had to practice saying $8000 a few times.  They Fed-exed her a check.)

And Tina isn't the only one either. 

Leah Carson learned these techniques and started pulling in fees as high as $28K a job.

Dr. Mike Marasco - who was just learning copy - pulled in a job for nearly - ready - $50K.

And there are many, many more success stories.

But here's the deal breaker - if this doesn't get you to order - you're just not serious about being a copywriter.

Superstar copywriter Brian Keith Voiles attended my seminar.  After the first hour, he asked to speak.  Here's what he said...

"If I had known these techniques early in my career, I'd be a mult-multi-multi millionaire by now."

And that was just the first hour.

So read these Unedited Reviews on Value Based Copywriting:

Jason Moffat - Internet Marketer

Last week I attended Dr. Harlan Kilstein's "Value Based Copywriting" seminar
in Las Vegas. What transpired from that event was much more then I had ever anticipated.

I actually had decided to not attend the event because I was in the middle of
a product launch and also had another deadline for a different project.

So I emailed Harlan and told him thanks for the invite, but I was too slammed
with work to attend the event.

He replied with a brief email... You Suck !

After giving it some thought, I quickly realized that missing this event would be a mistake. Between the networking that would take place, and the
chance to learn some more valuable copywriting info, it was obvious I should
jump into the van and make the trek across the desert.

I'm going to be blatantly honest here.

I've never really been a big Kilstein fan.

Something about his style never seemed to resonate with me very much. A few
times we had butted heads in forums, but it wasn't really that big of a deal.

We are both big boys, and the two of us have been known to be a bit controversial at times. Our personality types inevitably attract a bit of backlash on the net with our blunt and to-the-point style.

No biggie. We verbally squabbled in print, then hung out like normal dudes.

Even though I wasn't a rabid Harlan fan, I did respect his business ability
and knew that he had some good info to teach. I just had no idea it was this

Because I had always had a slight negative bias towards the man, I had never really paid too much attention to what he said.

Hey, I told you I was going to be blatantly honest. You know me!

It wasn't until I heard him talking on the 2nd set of Tactic 7 calls that
my ears really shot up and took notice. The info inside of that call was
worth pure gold and Harlan was knocking the ball out of the park when
discussing bringing proven offline buyers into your online marketing funnel.

The Tactic 7 calls were probably the biggest driving factor that lead me to
jump inside the Ford and dart over to sin city. Anyone who listened to those
calls instantly realized that these guys were taking business to a whole
different level. I knew I could learn some great stuff by attending.

What I soaked up at the event was far beyond any of my expectations.

First of all, his Value Based Copywriting methods are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I'm not kidding one bit. If you are a copywriter and want to get out of the routine of writing sales letters on the cheap, this is the man you need to talk to. Harlan can show you how to earn what you are truly worth, and the clients will be happy to pay hefty fees for your service.

I'm not sure if Harlan is going to sell his VBC Course to the general
public, but if he ever does, BUY IT AT ANY COST!

Personally, I felt the seminar he held was worth at least $10,000. This is
no exaggeration either. However, each person will get a different value out
of it. People like myself will take those nuggets and run with them all
the way to the bank. Others will probably just let the material collect dust.

It was blatantly obvious that there were some people with a mind state that
had success imbedded into their core, while others were just wishfully dreaming that they could one day charge huge fees for their copy.

I believe Harlan invited me because he knows I'm the type that will actually
take action. And he's right!

So I learned some absolutely brilliant stuff from Dr. Kilstein in Vegas, but
this is really not what this post is all about.

Beyond just learning about Harlan's business mindset and ability to attract
high paying clients, I discovered something much deeper about the man that
I think many people are not aware of.

Harlan is actually a very sincere man. It's a bit tough to notice on the periphery sometimes, but trust me, this guy has a passion for helping people unlike many others.

During the seminar I noticed things in Harlan that had previously escaped
my vision. This guy was truly concerned about his students. He wanted to
make a difference in their lives for the better, not just take their money
for his seminar.

There is a big difference between a true teacher and someone who just
passes on information for cash. In today's jaded world of internet marketing
it's hard to tell who's just out there for a quick buck.

Harlan understands that the success of his students directly reflects upon
his legacy as a teacher. I'm positive that he takes teaching very seriously
and it elates him to see students make positive changes in their businesses.

But what I saw this weekend extended beyond just business.

It was apparent that Harlan really cared about his students. Okay, I know
what some of you are thinking. "What kind of hypnotic trance did Harlan put
you in Jason"?

Trust me, I'm a very good judge of character. As a private investigator and
reformed habitual con-man, I know a shady cat when I see them.

I'll admit that I had my guard up a bit knowing that Harlan was involved
in hypnosis. However, since I used to do a bit of self hypnosis about
a decade ago, I wasn't too worried. I did the exercises with an open

It was harmless stuff anyways, and nothing to be worried about. Harlan
was cementing a positive mind set into us while using some really cool
tools. I'm not sure you can get more of a positive mind set then what I've
already got, but I was open to anchoring it further into my subconscious.

Throughout the exercises and the 2 days I was present in Vegas I saw
a side to Dr. Kilstein that I would have never guessed existed. I actually
grew fond of the man and now appreciate him as a person much more then
I had previous to the seminar.

The admiration stemmed from witnessing his sincerity as a teacher and
his willingness to help others. My impression of him had little to do
with marketing skills or salesmanship (I already knew that existed), but had
much more to do with his persona.

Don't get me wrong, the marketing stuff blew me away. However the personal glimpse inside of who Harlan Kilstein was meant a bit more.

I was glad to find out that Harlan is not the rude and obnoxious man that
I had previously labeled him. In fact, he was quite the opposite.

He is a driven, focused, and caring guy who really enjoys helping people

His gracious gesture to invite me to his class will not be forgotten. It's
going to make me a ton of cash, and it also helped me to see a different
picture then the one I had painted in my mind.

Thanks Harlan.

It was great to see you having a good time with Brian Keith Voiles and
the rest of the group. It was great energy, and allowed me to see a sincere
side of you that I did not know existed.

Your style has been abrasive at times, and maybe you did rub me the wrong way on occasions, but I'm glad that I've witnessed a side of you that makes
me feel good about being your friend.

Take care pal.

Jason Moffatt

PS: If you are a copywriter and Harlan decides to release that seminar,
it's an absolute MUST HAVE! No, Harlan didn't hypnotize me to say that.
I honestly know it can make the difference between whether or not
you are a 6 figure copywriter, or someone who writes salesletters for $1000.


Michael D. Morgan -

Not to mention what you'll learn from Brian Keith about how he writes copy is worth the price in itself... (it was worth way more than that to me!)

Throw in the exact techniques Harlan uses to get maximum ROI from each job and they ARE worth 10K.

Folks, if you are struggling to get higher fees for the value you provide, here's your answer.

The more you use Harlan's strategies, the more money you'll make as a copywriter.





Ray Edwards -

What is the truth about Harlan Kilstein?

I can't tell you the truth.

You can't handle the truth.

I went to the VBC seminar in Vegas, too; and it was the most valuable seminar I've been to. Period. Ever.

Am I getting through?

I'm not using hyperbole.

My head's still spinning with the implications of what I learned. Field reports? Maybe. Or maybe I'll just submerge, like a Triton submarine, and keep scooping up money, keeping the good news to myself. Run silent, run deep.


Get the DVD's for sure.

Even if you can't afford them.

Especially if you can't afford them.

Ray Edwards


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